Friday, April 13, 2012

QB Comparison, part 2

So, as many figured out, QB A is Eli Manning and QB B is Mark Sanchez.

I find it so incredible that many people consider Eli to be a potential HOFer, yet feel the Jets should get rid of Mark Sanchez.  Eli should have been a backup QB many years ago.  He has never been anything but mediocre.  The comparison continues to be quite close even when you consider postseason performances.  The biggest difference is that Sanchez had playoff success early with Sanchez, whereas the Giants took a little while with Eli.  Eli was given a gift with the first Super Bowl, the only reason I think the Giants stuck with him.   

For the record, I'd take QB B because the third season has him continuing to improve despite his run support dropping from #4 to #22.

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Kevin said...

An interesting exersise.

I think it shows how numbers don't tell the entire story. Eli has proven to be clutch and has developed into a pretty decent locker room presence. That doesn't show up in the stats.

Eli has two rings and has made a few of the better throws in super bowl history.

I take a proven winner over stats any day of the week.