Friday, April 6, 2012

I won the Gold!!!

Ross of Sports Card Info frequently holds contests to giveaway some of the great cards he pulls.  If you have not been reading his site you are truly missing out.  I would definitely put it in the top 5 of blogs you should check everyday.  He posts great video box breaks, but still lists the good stuff in case you don't have time for the video.  He gives great information on upcoming sets and other events.  He covers all sports and some non-sport sets as well.  His "Card of the Day" posts are always on point.  But, of course, the contests are the icing on the cake. 

In February, he held a contest for a 2011 Panini Gold Standard Gold Leaf Rookies Jersey #/299 of Ryan Williams, a former VT Hokie.  After I wiped away the drool and changed my pants, I submitted as many entries as I could to try to win.  There were three possible outcomes:

1) Someone else wins and I never see or hear of the card again as I dive into an abyss of sadness. 
2) Someone else wins and they flaunt it in my face, forcing me to relinquish half of my collection in a trade.
3) I win and all is right in the world.

Well, I won. All is right in the world.

This beautiful card has found its home in my Ryan Williams collection.  Thanks, Ross!

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dawgbones said...

I love Ross' contests, having won several. I've even started giving away my extra entries for the sports I don't collect. Ross runs a top-notch blog and always has awesome contests.