Saturday, July 9, 2011

2 Blasters of 2007 Topps Turkey Red

I came across some discounted 2007 Topps Turkey Red blasters at K-Mart.  After carrying one around for a while, I had to go back and grab another.  Looking at the odds, Chrome parallels were 1:15 packs, so two blasters of 8 packs each should get me one.  I hadn't ever seen a chrome Turkey Red for some reason, so I really wanted to get one. 

Here's the breakdown of what I got. 

Base cards: 107/186 (including 3 SPs) (58%) (Non-SP base: 104/151 or 69%) (that's a lot of parenthesis)

The SPs:

Outside of the Mantle SP, the Pence RC SP is probably the best card to pull.

Some of the notable rookies:

Daisuke hasn't exactly panned out, but those other two would make the base for a pretty damn good team.

Checklists: 7/11

I love these checklists.  I like that they're a part of the set but feature unique situations. 
It doesn't hurt that they are all horizontal, either.
Mickey Mantles: 4/7 (didn't get the Mantle SP)

2007 was the pinnacle of Topps' Mantlemania.  These cards are pretty sharp, though.
As for players I collect, I got all four from the set:

I already had all these, but I like them anyway.
I also got one Ad Back SP:

I could have done without the Ad Back SPs.  The 35 regular SPs were bad enough to begin with.

I beat the odds (1:24) for an A-Rod Road to 500 card. 

Really Topps? A-Rod? Of all the people to choose who have gotten to 500, you choose A-Rod?  Ok, so he's maybe a better choice than Rafael Palmeiro...but that's about it.  I would have been happier with another Mike Cameron base card than this thing.  Of course, once A-Rod hits 600, we have to do it again, right?  Oh wait, that already happened? What gives, Topps? Where's the commemorative 600-hr set that would be impossible to complete?  What happens when he hits 700? Do we get a bonus set where for $9.99, two Triple Threads wrappers, a Topps Tribute UPC, a stick of petrified bubble gum and $15.99 S&H we can get the next 198 cards? Why 198? Because #600 and #700 are super short printed, of course. Yay, I got lucky #308, a first inning homerun with no one on off a no name pitcher.  Let's commemorate that bad boy with an insert card that has a very oddly selected color change for the ones digit and the UEZ of his last name. But hey, I beat the odds, right?
I also got a President as expected (1:12)

I'm a little out of breath from that last caption.  I like the presidents set.
The saving grace of the box...I got a chrome card. AND IT'S A REFRACTOR!!!

#413/999.  1:32 Packs
Mmmrhubarb, it's yours if you want it.  It's got a slight mark on the mound to the left of his shoes (it looks almost like a crack in the chrome, if that makes any sense).  Other than that, it is an awesome card.  The rainbow refraction makes it almost look 3-D.  

All in all, I'm pretty happy with those two discounted blasters.  I briefly considered chasing the set, but then I remembered that it has 35 SPs that are numbered sporadically in the base set.  Not happening.  Everything is for trade.


(...Joe) said...

I'm definitely interested in trading for the SPs! Shoot me an email

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Greg Zakwin said...

Could you set the Utley aside for me?