Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2011 Topps, because it is the American way.

I bought two rack packs of 2011 Topps Series 2 on July 4th because I'm American.  Why two? Because I went to two different Wal-Marts.  Why did I go to two different Wal-Marts on July 4th? Because I'm American.  Circle of life...

I'll spare you the base cards.  I've got like 150 or so of those sitting around with no intention of going after the set.

Pack 1:

 Inserts galore highlight the first pack.  The Zim is a nice addition as well.  The Carlos Gonzalez is my 4th Diamond Stars insert, and my first not named Matt Holliday.  It has been said over and over out in the bloggyworld, but I need to repeat it: the Diamond Stars inserts are awesome.  The magic code card revealed this beauty:

You might be redeeming die-cuts left and right, but I got the incredibly desirable 1979 Pirates team card.  I know all of those Pirate collectors out there will be knocking down the door with offers. After all, the Pirates are 3 games above .500.  I guarantee that before the end of the season, if they stay above .500, a blog will appear with a Pirates collector.  That's a bad sign if the only scan Topps could find for this card is cut so poorly. 

Pack 2:

So, moving from Pack 1 to Pack 2, we replace a Diamond Stars insert, a Diamond Giveaway Code, and a Gold Parallel with a ToppsTown card.  Pack 2 you almost suck.  I say almost because of Jackie.  That Jackie (or any Jackie, really) makes the pack unsuck.   

Oh yeah, in case you missed it, scroll down a little more and see the contest results.

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