Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Contest Bracket Round 1 is underway

Alright, I announced who had what Wild Card Packs, so let's get on with the first round.  I'll do this in groups of 4.  The bracket can be seen on the Contest Page. Here is the first group, voting will be on the sidebar, and will be open for three days.  Most cards are available for trade (some have already been traded and the WildCard packs are part of the prize).

May the best pack win.

#1: 2010 Bowman Platinum Value Pack (Andrew)
  Pack 1: Hunter Pence, Gordon Beckham, Jeremy Hellickson Prospect, Mike Leake RC
  Pack 2: Buster Posey RC, Robinson Cano, George Springer USA, Starlin Castro RC
  Pack 3: Vernon Wells, Roy Oswalt Gold Refractor #030/539, Brett Mooneyham USA, Joey Votto
  Purple Bonus Pack: Jose Iglesias, Mikie Mahtook, Jeremy Hellickson
>>> This is a decent showing by the top seed.  It has an advantage of being three packs and a bonus, but the bonus was unspectacular and the response to Bowman Platinum hasn't been too great.  The Posey, Leake and Castro RCs are nice, but the best card is easily the Roy Oswalt Gold Refractor. 

#16: 2009 Bowman Draft Pack (A2 Wolverine)
BDP34 Drew Sutton RC
BDPP48 Robert Hefflinger
BDPP25 Brock Holt
BDPP72 Brian Moran Gold
BDPW14 Pedro Lazo WBC Chrome
BDP46 Trevor Crowe RC Chrome Refractor
BPA-JK Jason Knapp Autograph
>>> Well, this should make things interesting.  Standard 2009 Draft fare, the WBC chrome is a nice plus, as well as the Refractor.  The highlight however, is an auto.  This came from a 4 pack Target repack, so it's a nice surprise. 

#17: 1998 Bowman Pack (The Diamond King)
  414 Juan LeBron
  390 Rafael Medina
  371 Scott Williamson
  314 Jesus Sanchez
  324 JD Smart
  328 Kevin Witt
  340 AJ Zapp
  287 Bob Abreu
  231 Kenny Lofton
  330 Cliff Politte International
>>> Well, this should definitely make this a close one.  I mean, this pack has LeBron and Jesus, the two gifts from God.  Oh wait, not that LeBron and Jesus.  Nevermind, this pack pretty much sucked, sorry Diamond King.  Best card: Politte International, I kinda like this parallel set.  It's much better than just a border color parallel.

Wild Card #8 (Ryan "O" No): 2002 Bowman Football Pack
  Larry Ned RC
  Robert Royal RC
  Nick Griesen RC
  Ricky Williams RC
  Nick Griesen Silver #040/250
  Jabar Gaffney RC
  Andre Davis RC*
  TJ Duckett RC
  Daniel Graham RC
  Jon McGraw RC
>>>Well, some cool notable RCs in there: Gaffney, Davis, Duckett (sorry that's not that Ricky Williams).  These cards are part of the prize package.  The * means the Davis is going in my PC as he is a former Hokie.  If I remember, I'll replace it with a card for the winner's PC. A solid pack. The best card is easily the Griesen Silver.  Griesen is in the UFL, so it's not a huge hit, but something like 1:13 packs or so isn't bad. If you haven't seen the silvers from this set, find one.  They are textured and just plain look awesome.

Well, get to voting.  Good luck to everyone!

BTW, I am in Huntsville AL right now, so if I haven't responded to a trade email, that's why.  I'll get back to you when I get a chance to look at some cards when I get home.

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