Friday, February 18, 2011

Contest Bracket Round 1 Group 4

On to group 4 in the first round:

#12 2005 Topps All-American Football Pack (AdamE):
  Billy Sims, RB, Oklahoma
  Joe Montana, QB, Notre Dame
  Ted Hendricks, LB, Miami
  Charlie Ward, QB, FSU
  Lawrence Taylor, LB, UNC
  Fred Biletnikoff, WR, FSU
>>> Well, I like college unis, so I was pretty happy with this pack.  I love the card design and the retro cardstock is great. Montana is probably the best card, but the LT looks pretty sweet, too.

#21 1999 Fleer Ultra Pack (Mark Aubrey):
  36 Darin Erstad
  18 Shane Reynolds
  189 Mark Grudzielanek
  128 John Jaha
  77 Jay Buhner
  74 Todd Jones
  118 Billy Wagner
  89 Marty Cordova
  185 Tony Clark
  106 Brett Tomko Gold Medallion
>>> I'll let Jay handle the commentary on this pack:

#5 1999 Bowman's Best 3 Packs (Jonathan @ RGB):
  Pack 1: Troy Glaus, Chipper Jones BP, Todd Walker, Paul O'neill, Nomar Garciaparra, Tony Torcato RC
  Pack 2: John Patterson, Brad Fullmer, Derek Jeter BP, Roger Clemens BP, Ken Griffey Jr. BP, Bobby Seay RC
  Pack 3: Javy Lopez, Jeff Bagwell, Randy Johnson, Carlos Pena RC, Ray Lankford Refractor #269/400, John Patterson Atomic Refractor #006/100
>>> Wow, where to start.  Pack one was a pretty good start with the Best Performers Chipper.  Pack two was awesome with Jeter, Clemens, and Griffey BPs back-to-back-to-back.  Pack 3 was the real deal though, with the Pena RC, a Refractor #/400 (1:15 packs), AND an Atomic Refractor #/100 (1:65 packs).  These packs were some of my favorites to open.  I think these could contend for the championship.

WildCard 4 2010 Topps Update Hobby Pack (FanOfReds): 
Alex Cora, Hanley Ramirez AS, Ryan Braun AS, Matt Holliday HR Derby, Phil Hughes & David Price AS, Matt Thornton AS, Ty Wigginton AS, Jeff Keppinger, Mark Fidrych CYMTO, Andrew McCutchen Attax Code Card
>>> Pretty run-of-the-mill Topps Update hobby pack. The best card is the Fidrych CYMTO, which probably doesn't bode well for this pack.

Voting is up on the sidebar.  Again, most cards are available for trade, with the exception of the WildCard pack, so drop me a line if you are interested in anything.


Mark A. said...

I'm going down.

FanOfReds said...

I voted for my pack just so I wouldn't get shut out. That'll teach me for choosing a mystery pack.