Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2010 Gummies, go vote now!

Hey, if you haven't voted yet, go check out the 2010 Gummies.

The categories are:

Product of the Year

Best Base Set
Card of the Year
Rookie Card of the Year
Best Insert Set
Best Autographed/Game Used Set
Best Designed Product
Best "High-End" Product
Best Set for Prospects
Best Unlicensed Product
Worst Product
Worst Set
Most Meaningless Product
Most Disappointing Product
Worst Insert Set
Worst Designed Product
Worst Gimmick
Best Cardblog
Best New Cardblog
Best Hobby News Source
Best Video Box Breaker/YouTuber
Hobby MVP
Hobby ROY
Hobby Top Prospect
Jefferson Burdick Award for Contributions to The Hobby

I was thrilled to see someone actually nominated My Cardboard Mistress for Best New Cardblog.  Let's face it, though, I don't stand a chance next to The Mojo Beard.  Even I prefer their blog to my own.


Collective Troll said...

Spankee, you deserved that nomination, but beware, the blog that won that category last year went straight down the crapper!!! Good luck and congrats! I love the Gummies! Good fun.

Spankee said...

HAHA, that's why I'd be happy with SECOND place!

dayf said...

Vote for Thorzul!