Thursday, February 10, 2011

Contest Bracket: Round 1 Group 2

Ok, so voting has been great on the first group with two packs neck and neck.  Here is group 2:

#9 2008 UD Football Heroes Pack (Charles @ Hoopography):
  Steve Vai Guitar Hero
  Fran Tarkenton
  Shawn Crable
  Ben Moffitt
  LenDale White
  LaDainian Tomlinson
>>> A very mediocre pack with nothing to really point out.  Best card: LT I guess.

#24 2004-05 UD NBA All-Star Lineup (Steve D):
  Kurt Thomas
  Jason Richardson
  Quentin Richardson
  Andrei Kirilenko
  Gerald Wallace
  Stephon Marbury All-Star
>>> That's a rough pack when the best card is a Marbury. The cards aren't bad looking though.

#8 2008 Upper Deck X 2 Packs (Kev2380):
  Pack 1: Ichiro, Brandon Webb, Jonathan Papelbon, Conor Jackson Die Cut, Albert Pujols Xponential 3, Yankee Stadium Legacy 6661 Jorge Posada.
  Pack 2: Jason Bay, Kosuke Fukudome RC, Adam Dunn, Carl Crawford Die Cut, Hanley Ramirez Xponential 3, Yankee Stadium Legacy 3649 Joe Pepitone.
>>> Not bad, the two Xponentials were X3's of Pujols and Ramirez and there were two YSL's.  The die cuts are ok, but a Longoria would have been sweet.

WildCard 1: 2009 Topps Football Hobby Pack (Nathan):
  Tony Romo, Brent Celek, Chase Coffman RC, Brandon Tate RC, Ricky Williams, LaRon Landry, Earnest Graham, Jarrad Page, Chris Chambers, Tony Romo ToppsTown, Checklist
>>> A Romo hot pack doesn't really light my fire, but the base card is pretty cool loking. 

Voting is up on the sidebar.  This was a pretty weak set of packs.  I expect the UD X is the favorite, unless I get a stream of Romo maniacs.


Nathan said...

hmmm, that Romo card is kindof cool...but even I don't know if I can bring myself to vote for my pack. I doubt this section of the bracket will go too far.

BA Benny said...

Looks like a mismatch to me but the voting will tell the story.

Fuji said...

Lol... I never thought that I'd vote for Upper Deck X on anything except something negative.

dawgbones said...

Hey Spankee, if you can pull yourself away from today's festivities, check out today's post on my blog, you might find something interesting...