Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bama Cards

I'm down in Huntsville, AL for work, so naturally I sought out a card shop.  The only card shops where I live are comic book stores that minor in cards, so it was refreshing to go to a REAL card shop, Champs Cards.  If you're ever near Huntsville, go there.  The shop just recently produced a Plates and Patches Bradford NFL Logo Patch Auto 1/1 and earlier today, which is nothing compared to the Gehrig cut auto that was just pulled there.  The owner had a ton of boxes to sift through, which I did for about an hour since I had nowhere else to be.  The end result was a great stack of cards for my PC.

2010 Topps Allen and Ginter Mini Ad Back BJ Upton
2009 Goodwin Champions Mini David Wright
2011 Topps Kimballs Champions Mini David Wright and Justin Upton
2011 Topps T60 David Wright
2010 Topps National Chicle Ryan Zimmerman
2006 SPx David Wright
2006 Ovation David Wright

2010 Topps Magic Eddie Royal
2010 Plates and Patches Eddie Royal Red #012/499

2008 Leaf Certified Materials New Generation Rookie Autograph Brandon Flowers #312/899
2004 Upper Deck Reflections Focus on the Future Jersey Lee Suggs
2010 Topps Peak Performance Jersey Eddie Royal

I also picked up a couple cards for my 2008 Upper Deck X trifecta set

I had to grab a couple packs, so I picked out a pack of 2011 Topps and 2010 UD World of Sports:

2011 Topps highlights: Topps Town Carlos Santana, Kimballs Mini Roy Oswalt, 60 YOT Justin Verlander 2005

2010 World of Sports: Jarvis Varnardo (Basketball), Bill Russell (Basketball), David Cooper (Baseball), Casper Wells (Baseball), Mat Hoffman (BMX), Nobunari Oda (Figure Skating)

So, I picked up some great cards for my PC, including a pack pulled Verlander.

Thanks Champs Cards!

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