Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting the ball rolling

I'm slowly working on getting this blog going.  I've got a couple pages posted that I intend to finish in the next week or so.  The first is The Towny Townsend Guys who are the group of players that came from the area I grew up in.  Towny Townsend was responsible for AAU baseball in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.  Towny coached my brother in little league and I was childhood friends with one of his kids.  The second page I'm working on is My Top 10, which is a list of my favorite cards along with the descriptions of why I like them.  They're not all rare cards like you might think, just cards I have a particular connection to.  In the future, I'd like to get a want list up there, as well as an unrealistic want list of cards I'll buy when I win the lottery.  I would also like to get a list of all the Relic, Auto, and Numbered Cards I have.

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