Friday, July 23, 2010

I love my wife

My wife was at Wal-Mart the other day and since I've managed to train her to check the card section, she stumbled on some 2010 Bowman Rack Packs.  She didn't know how many I would want of the six there, and I was in a meeting at work so I couldn't answer the phone.  She bought ALL 6! Wow, I love her so much.  Imagine if your wife surprised you by having your mistress waiting for you when you got home from work.  I guarantee it wouldn't work out too well if your mistress wasn't made of cardboard.  I slowly undressed my mistress to reveal a couple beauties.  The first pack I opened had a Starlin Castro Orange # 76/250 and an Alexander Colome Chrome Blue Refractor #125/250.  I'm a numbers guy, so I love when I get a numbered card with a pretty number like 125/250.  Nice to know I got the halfway-through-the-print-run card. The next few packs weren't as eventful as the first, but I did get an Eric Niesen Chrome Purple Refractor 397/999 and a Logan Forsythe auto.
I did like a couple of the gold cards I got.  First, the Erick Aybar card just plain made me hurt.  If that was me, my career would be over.  Next is Ichiro.  How is it that every Ichiro card is awesome?  
Oh, and I refuse to use the name of the player that is the reason most people bought Bowman and A&G until I have one of his cards.  I saw him pitch in person at Nationals Park a few weeks ago.  The store in the park had some 2010 Bowman packs for $9 a pop.  Incredible.

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