Wednesday, September 4, 2013

5 Boxes of 2013 A&G: Mini Parallels

Time for some non-insert minis!  You know, there's a couple different kinds:

Mini SP
Mini A&G Back
Mini A&G Back SP
Mini Black Border
Mini Black Border SP
Mini No Number /50
Mini Red Bats Back Hand #'ed /25

In all my A&G purchases, I did get at least one of each of those.  My Black Border SPs came in my retail purchase and my Gint-A-Cuffs box, so I won't be showing them here.  Also, I forgot to scan the back of the No Number and the Red Back, because I'm dumb.  While I scanned them both twice, I failed to turn them over, because, like I said, I'm dumb. Anyway, here are some base minis:

A mini BJ is better than no BJ at all.
 I got 2 SP minis in each box:


 I also got a bunch of A&G back minis.  I would actually like if A&G got rid of the regular minis and just had an A&G back set.  It's a parallel of the base set, so we really don't need teeny tiny words.


One of my A&G backs was an SP:

I got 13 black border minis.  5 of them were of Cincinnati Reds.  Crazy.


So, that brings us to the no-number mini which is limited to 50, even though they don't bother with numbering it.

Decent player, so no complaints here.  I did notice a lot of Royals as I was opening the boxes.

Now for the Red Back #/25...and it's hand-numbered...

Newly crowned PGA Champion Jason Dufner.  The only downside is that he has two cards in the set, so there are really 50 of them.  That's how you end up with these two auctions: #20/25 and #20/25.

Still, it's a nice card to get, and the timing couldn't be much better.  I enjoyed seeing this card as I was sorting my boxes while watching him win the PGA. It's sure as hell better than the Greg Gumbel red back I got last year.

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View From the Skybox said...

Score! I'm the #1 Alex Gordon collector. I've already got on of the no numbered minis, but hit me up with any other Alex Gordon cards!