Thursday, September 5, 2013

5 Boxes of 2013 A&G: The Hits

I will be very interested to see where Topps takes the relic/auto design next year.  From 2006-2012, each year had it's own unique border design that was found on all relics/autos from that year.  This year, Topps went crazy with two relic frames, full-size relics, and auto frames. 

First, here are the 5 full-size relics I pulled:


The design is ok.  The swatches are bigger than the framed relics, but I still would have preferred them to be bigger.  Something closer to this:

If Topps is going to reduce the number of framed relics, they need to make the regular relics stand apart from other sets.  The full-size relics seem like a step toward combining A&G and Gypsy Queen, which doesn't really make me happy.

Anyway...moving on.  Here are some of the relics with the first frame design:


I think these are the best looking frames by themselves, but when you add the card in there, the colors don't work for me.  The Fielder bat was a nice surprise, since I hadn't noticed his name on the checklist. 

Here are the relics I got in the second frame design:

A Gordon relic to go with the NNO mini and a Dufner relic to go with the red back mini.

I love the orange swatch.  I'm a little disappointed by the Hudson since I already got it in a blaster.  I knew that would end up happening, though.  This frame design matches the cards a little better, but the design is too harsh and rigid.  I took the design of the first frame and modified the color to something closer to the second, and I was pretty happy with the outcome:

That would have been nicer than both of the designs, in my opinion. 

Finally, we get to the autos.  My biggest hit fell in my Gint-A-Cuffs box in the form of a Mike McCarthy auto.  I did still manage two more autos from my other 5 boxes.  Unfortunately, they weren't the greatest.

Two less-than-stellar players with less-than stellar signatures.  At least they're young and have some potential.  As far as the auto frame design, it's just too washed out.  Where's the pop, Topps?

Well, that does it for my A&G break.  Hopefully I'll be able to afford this again next year. 

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George said...

Are you interested in trading the Dufner relic card?