Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cards are funner here

I recently contacted Julie from Things are Funner Here about a David Wright wrapper redemption card she had, and before I knew it we had a full trade struck up.  I sent her some Halladays, among other things, and she sent me a load of PC cards.

I needed all of the Uptons, and now I have copies of the two base team cards for my Reynolds collection as well.  The gold still goes in the Upton collection. No offense to Mark, but I've known Justin since he was a little kid.

Some great base and parallels that I needed, including the Wright '52 sparkly that started the trade.  These are just a handful of the cards she sent.

Since I was sending her a Halladay relic, I was naturally looking for a relic in return.  Being a player collector, it's fairly common that the other trader doesn't have a relic of one of my players, so I usually just request a comparable relic in return.  She had a Vladimir Guerrero relic available as trade bait, so I requested it, and here it is.

I've actually got a small stack of Vlad relics now, whcih I just listed on ebay.  I went on an ebay listing binge the other day, so check out my stuff.  I probably should have offered a lot of it for trade first, but I need to raise some funds.  Theres some good lots on there and a decent range of stuff.  If something catches your eye, and it doesn't sell, I'd probably be willing to trade.

Thanks again, Julie, for the funnest trade!

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ThingsareFunnerHere said...

You are quite welcome! It was a great trade. I am glad you enjoyed the cards. Btw, your custom cards at the top of your blog are amazing. Just wanted to say that!