Sunday, April 24, 2011

2008-09 Upper Deck MVP Basketball Pack

This is another pack that came in my discounted K-Mart holiday box. I'm making sure I get my money's worth out of this box (even if I only paid like $4), so you will see most of the packs on here at some point.

Here is a pack of 2008-09 Upper Deck MVP Basketball:

Gerald Wallace,
Al Harrington,
Tayshaun Prince,
Travis Outlaw,
Stephon Marbury,
DJ Augustin RC,
Kevin Garnett Team MVP,
Allen Iverson Ultimate Victory

>>> Starbury shows up in all my basketball packs it seems. He's my Russell Martin of basketball cards. Really, this pack didn't have much that was spectacular, but at least the RC was pretty good and the Team MVP was good.  I don't mind pulling Iverson inserts, but they aren't exactly what they used to be.


Fuji said...

Love your blog header... just noticed the Parker/Barry dual auto card... definitely sweet!

lonestarr said...

Iverson will always be the man. :D

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