Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2008-09 Topps Basketball Pack

This is another pack that came in my discounted K-Mart holiday box. I'm making sure I get my money's worth out of this box (even if I only paid like $4), so you will see most of the packs on here at some point.

Here is a 2008-09 Topps Basketball Pack

Al Thornton,
Isiah Thomas,
Jason Maxiell,
Jamario Moon,
Ray Allen,
Andrew Bogut,
Brendan Haywood,
Wally Szczerbiak,
Nazr Mohammed,
Kyle Korver,
Ronnie Brewer,
George Gervin Gold #0037/2008
>>> A couple HOFers and a future HOFer makes this pack a winner to me.  I love the photography on some of these.  The Ray Allen card is just because of the angle of the action shot showing the shot clock and his follow-through. The Isiah card would be incredible if only the ball were a little more to the right so you could see Larry Bird's face.  The horizontal cards look great.  The Iceman gold is freaking awesome.

I like to think that this picture ended with a sweet finger-roll.  Here's a fun fact about George Gervin:
In the 1978 season, Gervin and David Thompson were neck and neck for the PPG scoring title.  Going in to the final game of the season, Thompson was averaging 26.57 PPG and Gervin was averaging 26.78 PPG.  Thompson absolutely exploded in the last game, scoring 73 points.  That bumped his average up to 27.15 PPG.  Later that day, Gervin scored 63 points (including 33 in the second quarter), leapfrogging Thompson to take the lead and the title with an average of 27.22 PPG.  If Gervin had scored 6 fewer points, or if Thompson had scored 6 more (though 57 by Gervin was much more likely than 79 by Thompson), Thompson would have taken the crown. 
Anyone know the answer to the trivia question on the back of the Gervin? (without cheating and looking up the answer...)

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Matt Hickes said...

Didn't cheat or look up the answer so this is a pure guess. I will go with Evansville?