Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 random basketball comments and a pack of 2007-08 Bowman Draft Picks and Stars Basketball

With baseball in full swing, what better pack than...basketball?  Ok, this 2007-08 Bowman Draft Picks and Stars Basketball pack is from my incredibly discounted holiday box.  I'm not a major basketball fan, but I love to open packs.  First, though, here are ten things regarding my relationship with basketball:

1. Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time.  It's not close.
2. Larry Bird is the man, and my dad looks like him.  Seriously, we occasionally have strangers come up to him and tell him that out of nowhere.  One lady at a car dealership announced it over the loudspeaker.  The best part about: He absolutely hates it. 
3. Dennis Rodman is in the HOF and he deserves it completely.
4. LeBron is the best player in the league. 
5. Kobe is a great player, but is not in the top 5 all-time.
6. I prefer college Carmelo to pro Carmelo. 
7. I grew up hearing legends about how great Alonzo Mourning was in high school (I grew up in the same city).  He averaged 25 points, 15 rebounds and 12 blocked shots a game as a senior.  That's just plain nasty.
8. Tim Duncan is the only player in the league that can beat you with things you learned the first time you touched a basketball.
9. The foul calls that LeBron, Kobe, The Lakers, Anderson Verajao, Duke, and Manu Ginobili get are far less horrendous than the lack of traveling and carrying (palming) calls.
10. College basketball has the best postseason of any sport. My proof: 2011 UConn.  I said all year that the Big East was massively overrated this year.  And they were, just like last year.  They were also the best conference.  You might ask, "How can you be the best and be overrated?"  I would say, "see Kobe Bryant, UConn Women's basketball, Babe Ruth, and Wilt Chamberlain." Yeah, I said it.  Anyway, back to 2011 UConn.  They sneak into the conference tournament in a difficult spot (1st team w/out a bye) and run the table.  They jump up to a 3-seed in the NCAA tournament and run the table.  That is awesome.  The team that kicked it up a notch for the postseason came out on top.  It was great to see a team win that had more desire than talent.  This year was one of the most talent-limited college basketball seasons in a long time, and an average team with one great player won the tournament.  That is beautiful, man.

Since I'm being especially opinionated in this post, I'll comment on each player.

Monta Ellis - maybe the least known superstar-ish player in the league?
Andre Iguodala - is it "Iggadalla" or "Igwadalla"? or perhaps the occasional "eegewdalla". 
Jason Kidd - Nothing bad to say about the triple double machine.
Carmelo Anthony - See #6 above.
Josh Smith Chrome - This guy should be a lot better than he is.  At least the Chrome looks nice.

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