Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Pros and Cons of Magic

I want to talk to you about the pros and cons of magic.  Of course, I'm referring to the professionals and convicts that can be found in a blaster of 2012 Topps Magic.

Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Matt Ryan, Eli Manning, and LeSean Mccoy are professionals.  Sorry Arian Foster, you were arrested in college following a fight at a night club.

Christian Ponder is a professional, and that is a great looking card.

Nelson and Flacco? Supernatural and professional.

Brady and Tebow have to be pretty far down the list of guys that are likely to commit a crime.  Professionals without a doubt.

Doug Martin is very much a professional.  He's also quite enchanting according to this card.

Michael Vick...hmmm...tough to say....yeeeahhh...

DeSean Jackson plead guilty to disturbing the peace as part of a plea deal, so this card is completely screwed.

DUI, DUI, Marijuana.  This box is taking a bad turn.

Mini professional HOKIE!!! Woohoo!

The rest of the minis to close out the blaster:

Malcolm Floyd, Mario Williams, Prince Amukamara, Mark Ingram, James Casey, and Marques Colston are all clean.  Sanchez was arrested in college, though the charges were dropped.  He still faced team discipline.  The buttfumble was straight criminal.

18 Pro
5 Con

20%, you know what that means...

Actually you don't know what that means.  Neither do I.

I'm not going to stop watching the NFL.  As long as those who commit crimes are punished in accordance with the law, I don't really care what the league does.


Dennis said...

How has Topps not come out with a Pros & Cons set anyway? It's not like they even pretend to have a reasonable excuse to create their products anymore.

They could make the cards like UD's Predictors where if the guy you pull gets arrested you get a redemption card of his mug shot or something.

RAZ said...

That Tebow is pretty sweet.