Friday, September 12, 2014

2014 Flair Showcase Football Box Break

For various reasons, including Virginia Tech and Bud Foster's dismantling of Ohio State on Saturday, I decided to treat myself to a box of 2014 Flair Showcase football.  From what I'd seen online, it looked pretty good.  It's a UD product, so the players are in their college uniforms, which is right up my alley.  The only Hokie on the checklist is Logan Thomas, but he's on there quite a bit.

The box format is 12 packs with 6 cards per pack.  Each box averages 1 auto and 1 relic.  Additionally, each box should have a patch auto, Precious Metal Gems parallel, or Jambalaya insert.

The base+SP set consists of 200 cards.  The first 100 are called Row 2:

The fronts are well done as are the backs.  It definitely feels like Flair Showcase.

Cards 101-150 are Row 1 and fall roughly 1 per pack:

Again, I think the design looks great.  The Row 1 cards drop the background player making the subject jump off the card.

Cards 151-200 are Row 0 and feature 25 rookies and 25 veterans.  They are 1:3 packs, or 4 per box.

The Row 0 cards are horizontal with a background player image.

Here's a look at all three together:

These three Ka'Deem Carey cards all came from the same pack.  Pretty cool if you ask me.

I managed to get the Row 2 and Row 1 Logan Thomas cards:

I love that you can tell they got pictures from more than one game.

Each Row has blue Legacy parallels that fall ~2 per box.  I got two Row 2 parallels, each numbered to 150:

Stephen Morris and Devonta Freeman
The only real insert is Metal Universe, which fall 3 per box:

Peyton and Johnny are two of the best names to pull, so I was happy about that.

Now, on to the hits.  Relics/Autos also have the three Row levels.

My relic was a Row 0 relic of Johnny Football:

I love the Aggie Maroon swatch.

Here's my auto, it's a Row 2:

Wowzers that card is awesome.  Watkins is a beast, and the gold ink looks amazing on the gold-foil-accented card.  Before I show the last hit, I can already tell you I loved this product.  I think it has a great design, and my box was a pretty good one.

My third "hit" was not a PMG or case-hit Jambalaya.  Instead, I got a patch auto, but not just any patch auto:

Logan Thomas Row 0 Patch Auto #17/49

It just doesn't get much better than that.  I think the cardboard gods were looking out for me after the Orel of Destiny.

I know I've praised this set enough, but I have to point out something awesome.  Looking at my three LT cards, there are 5 unique images on the card fronts.  Judging by the jerseys/helmets, I can tell you they came from 3 different games.  5 unique images from 3 different games.  That is unreal.  


Dennis said...

UD football cards > all other football cards, and this box proves why. Great looking set, and that's awesome that you pulled three of your guy, including the best hit!

Greg Zakwin said...

Congrats on the pulls man!

Bryan McCarter said...

Nice! Congrats on three awesome hits out of that box!

Brad Richardson said...

I know you got your guy logan,..that's cool,im glad you got that,...but brother,.you got two awesome hits on the johnny football,and low#d Sammy auto,..two great pulls,the Sammy Watkins card could probably get you around a hundred bucks or so,if you wanted to put it on ebay,or sell it to a serious collector like me,lol...I love this product,...precious metal gems are included in this product,you should of pulled one,.they are very,very popular with collectors, say even an all time great insert!..going back to the late 90s,..i haven't bought a box of these yet this year,..but I surely will soon,..i have bought a few of the previous ud/fleer retro boxes,from the past two years,i love the P.M.G.s,and all the throwback stuff,..and this years looks even better,and more high end than the previous two sets,..congrats,and go back through there to look for your pmg(precious maetal gems)..theyre going for $$$$ if you got a good one!..thanks for sharing your awesome hits buddy.