Thursday, November 1, 2012

2007 UD Artifacts Box 2 Hits

I showed the first box a little over a month ago, and showed four boxes of the same product in the group break, so you should be fairly familiar with what to expect.

This was sort of random to get out of the box.  It's not too exciting, either.  Baldelli is a member of the Rhode Island Italian-American Hall of Fame which apparently exists.

I don't know much about Kendrick, but his stats say he's a pretty solid player.  His signature is pretty crazy, too.  It's not the greatest auto ever, but still pretty cool.

Another solid relic, but not a real satisfying hit for an iffy box.  This one has alreaded been sent to Dawgbones in a group break trade.

The final hit saved me from really disliking the box:

Again, not a spectacular hit, but it's always awesome to pull a relic of a player you collect.  I dig the action in the swatch, too.

That leaves just one more box to go (2006 Artifacts) in my 4-box Artifacts purchase.


Stealing Home said...

that verlander is tight ! nice pull, especially bcuz u collect the guy.

Ana Lu said...

For me the Cole Hamels relic would make the box. About Kendrick I don't have his auto but do have a relic card. I tend to get Angels relic/auto cards a lot.

The Dutch Card Guy said...

Cool Verlander, grats !!

Dhoff said...

You got a little Verlander armpit stitch--UD bringing you closer to the GU BO.