Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gint-A-Cuffs VII - Part 7 of 7

Pack 21:
251 Adam LaRoche 
213 Elvis Andrus 
14 LaTroy Hawkins 
330 Jason Heyward 
85 Kris Bryant 
242 James McCann 
MM-16 Leprechaun Menagerie of the Mind (+2 Insert)
317 Hunter Strickland Mini A&G Back (+5 Mini A&G Back SP)

Really not a bad pack from both a GAC and value standpoint, but I'm going to need gold at the end of this rainbow.

Pack Total: 7
Box Total: 132

Pack 22:
270 Mike Foltynewicz 
234 Michael Cuddyer 
157 Jose Reyes 
59 Hector Rondon 
321 Ben Zobrist 
36 Anthony Ranaudo 
SP-30 David Price  Starting Points (+2 Insert)
BUG-13 Calleta Silkmoth Caterpillar A World Beneath Our Feet (+2 Mini Insert)

At least I got a Cuddyer.

Pack Total: 4
Box Total: 136

Pack 23:
200 Jose Abreu 
27 Maikel Franco 
61 Domonic Brown 
318 David Price 
246 Andrew Cashner 
229 Ivan Drago (-1 Commissioner Says So)
SP-100 Jayson Werth  Starting Points (+2 Insert)
238 Dee Gordon Mini

It pains me to lose points for the Drago card.  It's fantastic.

Pack Total: 1
Box Total: 137

Pack 24:
57 David Cross 
119 Paul Scheer (-1 Commissioner Says So)
282 Adeiny Hechavarria 
139 Chris Sale (+2 FP List)
327 Jeff Mauro 
89 Jonathan Papelbon 
AA-2 Katana Ancient Armory (+2 Insert)
142 Yasiel Puig Mini A&G Back (+2 Mini A&G Back)

Why does Paul Scheer get a -1?

Pack Total: 5
Box Total: 142

Well, that does it.  My final score is 142.  I'm guessing it is near the bottom of the leaderboard.  I can say with confidence that this was the worst box of my entire case...for the second straight year.  Pitiful.  I need to get better at choosing a GAC box.

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Ginter Godfather said...

Hah! Isn't it hilarious when you're opening your case and going, "Man, why isn't THIS my Gint-A-Cuffs box?"

The box with the pack of 5 red bordered minis as the box topper had a 1/1 glossy parallel of Carlos Gomez, which doesn't have a point total associated with it. But I would take a gander at +25 based on the scoring of a wood parallel which is also 1/1 and theoretically the same odds. I think it also had a printing plate of the Magna Carta, and possibly the case RIP card. It was a pretty loaded box, as far as GAC is concerned.

As you can see in my blog, my box wasn't half bad. The Mario Andretti auto was by far the best hit in the case. Also one of three boxes with my sister's base card in it! Woot woot!

My wife's box on the other hand... I'll let her score do the talking. We're tied now, 1:1 for Gint-A-Cuffs. I think last time we competed I took dead last and she was 3rd or something.