Friday, August 14, 2015

Gint-A-Cuffs VII - Part 2 of 7

Pack 1:
52 Jake Marisnick 
121 Wei-Yin Chen 
12 Nelson Cruz 
317 Hunter Strickland 
243 Jean Segura 
162 Anthony Rizzo (+2 FP List)
SP-77 Robinson Cano  Starting Points (+2 Insert, -1 Yankee)
288 Robinson Cano Mini

 Cano hot pack.  Too bad he's nobody's favorite player.  And too bad that one card is a Yankee.

Pack Total: 3
Box Total: 13 

Pack 2:
254 Alex Gordon 
69 Christian Bethancourt 
208 Jose Fernandez 
271 Dexter Fowler 
131 Josh Reddick 
138 Michael Pineda (-1 Yankee)
AA-18 Dory Spear Ancient Armory (+2 Insert)
296 Kenley Jansen Mini A&G Back (+2 A&G Back)

That Dory Spear card makes me want to play with my old Legos.

Pack Total: 3
Box Total: 16

Pack 3:
206 Erick Aybar 
116 Freddie Freeman 
6 Lucas Duda 
99 Yan Gomes 
SP-93 Edwin Encarnacion  Starting Points (+2 Insert)
FSRA-JF Jose Fernandez  Full-Size Relic (+6 Full Size Relic)
FIRST-13 Jane Pierce First Ladies (+2 Mini Insert)

Well, that's just not a very exciting relic at all.  Even Jose doesn't want to make eye contact with me on that one.

Pack Total: 10
Box Total: 26

Pack 4:
252 Mike Trout (+2 FP List)
90 Darren Rovell 
231 Henderson Alvarez 
350 Masahiro Tanaka (-1 Yankee)
87 Francisco Liriano 
136 Tyson Ross 
MM-4 Phoenix Menagerie of the Mind (+2 Insert)
BODY-4 Gymnasticon A Healthy Body (+4 Unannounced Mini Insert)

Darren Rovell is one of the best follows on Twitter.  The Healthy Body mini was a pleasant surprise.  I actually ended up with 2 from my case (as well as one Healthy Mind insert).

Pack Total: 7
Box Total: 33

Well, at this point, I'm on pace for 148.  That's not going to cut it.

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