Sunday, October 26, 2014

NFL Score Streak: Week 8

Lions and Titans and Broncos, oh my!

I'm surprised we haven't had a week where all teams advanced.  Is this the time?

DENVER BRONCOS - Peyton for the Broncos...version 2008.

DETROIT LIONS - Now this is a statement if I've ever seen one.

TENNESSEE TITANS - Eliminated - The Titans just couldn't hang on any longer.

So, with that, we're down to just the Broncos and Lions.  Unfortunately for the Broncos, they are on the hot seat as the Lions have a bye in Week 9. The good news is Week 9 features a 52-card pack.  The Titans would have had a bye in week 9 had they survived.

Here's the rest of the cards:

Haha, Eli showing up after he's eliminated.  Eli gets picked off more than an acne scab on a teenager.  You don't have to worry about Eli coming out of the closet because he always gives it up to the other team.  Seriously, he's screwed more giants than Hagrid.  

Anyway, see you next week.


Bryan McCarter said...

Nice Tech players there with Tapp, Hall and Morgan!

Play at the Plate said...

Stupid Titans. Thanks for the contest!