Sunday, October 12, 2014

NFL Score Streak: Week 6

With only 7 teams remaining, we reach our second 2013 Score rackity packity:

Will more cards translate to more teams moving on? Let's find out:

ARIZONA CARDINALS - Eliminated - Wow, rough start.

CAROLINA PANTHERS - Eliminated - Ouch, two up, two down...unexpected for sure.

DENVER BRONCOS - About time some decided to show up.

DETROIT LIONS - Matt Stafford wanted to make extra sure they moved on.

GREEN BAY PACKERS - Eliminated - Seriously? Three teams on a 52-card week?

NEW YORK GIANTS - Ugh, Eli comes through.  Yuck.

TENNESSEE TITANS - And the Titans move on as well.

So, that was a little shocking.  We lost 3 of 7 teams leaving us with a final four of Broncos, Lions, Giants, and Titans.  

Let's look at the other notable cards from the pack:

Not notable to you, maybe, but notable to me.

JJ Watt is a stud.

Ravens.  Meh.

Love the design, but the images leave something to be desired.  Oh well.

See you next week!

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