Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2014 Bowman because... exists and I buy cards because I have a disease.

Oh, hey, it's those two guys on the wrapper.  You know those ones that are playing and stuff.  I bought three retail packs because my dumb ass never thinks one is enough.

These are rookies this I know, for the RC tells me so.

These are 1st cards, not rookie cards, except for two of the guys at the bottom.  For them, well, I don't know what the hell they are.

Chrome going with the silver border.  I like it.  I'm guessing Matthew's dad owns the brand, and that's the only reason he made the set.  Nepotism is a bitch.

Bowman International is one of the best parallels ever conceived.

I managed to pull an Orange Prospect Auto, which I completely didn't deserve.  I sold it on eBay for $10.51 shipped.  So, I nearly broke even on the packs, which is a hell of a deal for retail.

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P-town Tom said...

I like that I can tell Pierce Johnson is throwing a circle change on that card. ... Or maybe I just like Cubs cards... whatever.