Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sick Day Cheer Up

I had to take a sick day last week, and my wife bought me some cards at Dollar Tree. 

Night Owl will be pleased as there are no inserts to be had.  Dollar Tree used to be a good place to find random packs, but now they've gotten their own special 5-base-card packs.  I'm fine with them having just base cards, but there should be at least 10 cards per pack.  20-cents per card for just base cards is a complete ripoff. That said, they are still packs, so I still had fun opening them.

I like Red Sox cards with the scoreboard in the background.  The Pirates scoreboard is cool, too.  It beats the fuzzy crowd, for sure.  Hey, I did get something Astros card in a Topps product.

Hey Zakwin, I found the key to making Michael Young a good fielder...tell him to open his eyes.

My wife threw in a football pack, as well:

I'm pretty sure offensive lineman is the toughest position in any sport for getting cool photos. Nine times out of 10, they're probably caught holding.

Thanks to my wife for making my sick day a little more bearable.

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