Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bonus packs!

Anyone who has ordered from Dave and Adam's Card World ( knows that you get to select some bonus item(s) to be included with your order.  Way, way back when I bought some cards for my football contest, I got some bonus 2010 UD Baseball packs.  The last time I got 2010 UD bonus packs, I pulled a Chipper Jones relic.

Let's see if I get anything nice this time:

I picked up a couple cards I needed for my set.  I still need 21 have I not completed this set, yet?

Always happy to see a familiar face, even if I have a dozen copies of this card by now.

It looks like Zim is popping a roid zit on Dunn's back but doesn't want to get juiced in the face.  You're welcome.

I still haven't decided if I should try to complete this set.  I have a ton of them.

Ah, very appropriate timing on this one.  For those of you who aren't hip, the couple above recently separated via a separation celebration, whatever the f that is.

2010 Upper Deck Bad Pictures on Worse Cards.  AKA Portraits.

Pure Heat=fantastic.

Can't go wrong with a Heroes design.

Supreme is a pizza, not a card.

These are great looking, and make for awesome auto cards.

Lastly, I pulled a Rollins jersey to keep my 2010 UD DACW Bonus Pack luck alive.

Good stuff, dacardworld!

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Need More Cardboard said...

Man in all the bonus packs from Dave and Adam's that I've opened I have yet to score a single hit. I guess you're getting them all.