Thursday, August 28, 2014

College Football Begins Today!!!

College football begins today with the Texas A&M/South Carolina matchup.  What better way to start the season than by showing some college football cards?

2014 Upper Deck Rackity Packity and a handful of hobby packs.  I love college cards, so I had to grab some.  My best base rookie was Teddy B.

There are some great photos in this set.  Card designers, take note: If you aren't going to have an action shot, you need to get a nasty photo like the Bradford above.  So much awesome.

This Matt Hazel card was my favorite, by far.  It's a spectacular action shot, which is rare for small-school guys.

The old school legends didn't disappoint, either.

Of all the people in this set, Tajh Boyd is probably my least favorite.

Dan Marino on a great looking Heroes design.

The Rackity Packity guaranteed two Luck Heroes exclusives.  Awesome cards.

Lastly, I pulled one numbered card.  This retro-styled Ha Ha Clinton-Dix was the best card I got.  Kind of a bummer to be hitless on my hobby packs, but them's the breaks.

Hooray for college football!

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cardstacks said...

No Hokies in these packs? Disappointing.