Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Allen & Ginter Week: 2013 Rack Pack x5

At least I thing it was 5.  Yeah, we'll say 5.

I know that's only 2.  My scanner isn't gigantic.  I'm sorry.  Pretend there are 5.

3 guys, 1 BJ.  Huh?

Short prints.  Scoo-TAR-o sounds better than SCOOT-aro.  I don't care if it is wrong.

That's a hell of a group right there.

These cards pretty much suck, but I'm a fan of the Mayans.



Boom.  Awesome. Desperately want to finish this insert set.  Go here to help.

Ruiz is more ways than one.  Olivia Culpo could not be much more opposite of Artie Lange.

I have a black Niese.

Cool name for an insert set, so I can live with it.

Love 'em.  Uranus joke.  Pluto isn't a planet joke.

That is all.  No relics this time.  Has my 2014 A&G arrived yet? I'm jittery as a mofo.

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RAZ said...

I got my shipping notification for my box of A & G today. It says it's scheduled for delivery on some date that is ridiculously far in the future, like next Wednesday. I'm going to be mad all week now.